GuitarTapp 1.0 released

GuitarTapp logo

GuitarTapp 1.0 for Nokia mobile phones is out! GuitarTapp is your number one mobile resource for guitar tabs and chords! You can easily search tab sites (like for bands and songs, select song versions, and view tabs with a fixed width font, have your tabs autoscroll to play along from the screen and save tabs to your favorites to quickly open them again. GuitarTapp will be available in the Nokia OVI store soon for all Nokia phones supporting widgets (all S60 phones, both touch- and key devices). More information about GuitarTapp will follow soon. If you have installed GuitarTapp on your mobile phone and have questions, please contact us at

A couple of screenshots (click for larger version):

GuitarTapp home (search) screenGuitarTapp search results GuitarTapp search results GuitarTapp showing a tab GuitarTapp tab autoscroll options

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