GuitarTapp changelog

- Renamed FULL version to PRO
- iPhone 5 support & fixes
- iOS split keyboard fix
- New setting in ChordPro menu: Allow indentations
- Tap outside ChordPro menu to close
- AutoScroll improvements
- Bugfixes

- NEW ChordPro rendering engine
- Bluetooth pedal support for iOS
- 2 finger swipe right/left for next/previous version or song on setlist
- iOS settings fix
- Android favorites saving fix
- Setting to disable first letter selection in favorites songs list
- Other bugfixes
- New logo!

- HTC ICS bug fixed

- Crash on some devices fixed

- Jam along with MP3\’s on your device (Android only, beta)
- Holo theme and Action Bar for Android 3+
- Edit tabs for iOS
- Most played favorite songs
- UI Improvements
- Sync bug fixed
- Transpose bug fixed
- Android edit tab bug fixed
- Manually change transpose note by tapping it

- Completely rewritten, faster code
- Favorites & setlists synchronization
- ICS bugs fixed
- Dropbox fix: now uses official integration method
- Tap bottom/top of tab to scroll down/up
- Tap chords to show info, with setting to switch on/off
- New setting to keep screen on at all times
- New setting to adjust UI size
- Revised IntelliWrap engine: better chords/lyrics/tabs detection and handling
- YouTube previews are now shown using the YouTube app
- Prepared for UI localization
- Transposed reminder added to title
- Support for ChordPro files
- Additional MyTabs folder for your own tabs
- Improved setlist editing: quickly add songs
- Max AutoScroll time increased to 10 minutes

- Released to the Apple appstore for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch (link)

- Fixed startup crash on Android 3.1 devices

- Massive performance improvements to favorites (fixes 1 minute waiting bug with 200+ favorites)
- Search through favorites
- Max font size for tabs increased to 40
- Popup bug fixed (when scrolling through favorites)
- Setting to disable quotes at exit

- Released to Amazon appstore (link)
- Bug fixes

- Major improvements to favorites (manageability & performance)
- Add tags to songs
- Added Dropbox support
- Added previous/next version controls when browsing song versions
- Added previous/next song controls when playing from setlist
- UI improvements
- Smoother AutoScroll
- Fixed orientation (blank screen) bug
- Fixed YouTube playback
- Move to SD enabled
- Click title bar to scroll to top
- Tablet optimizations

v2.5.1: Bugfix for occasional force close in offline mode

- Added setlists support
- Improved IntelliWrapping for tabs: quickly show/hide them
- Tabs player [Labs feature]: have them played for quick reference!
- Added loads of extra chords to the dictionary
- Added Ukulele chords
- Added German chords & left-handed support
- Have chords played for you
- Send to e-mail

- Automatic search suggestions for bands and songs
- Prettify tabs: makes tablature easier to read
- Files in favorites sorted by filename
- bug fixes
- Compatible with more devices

- Major performance improvements
- Edit tabs with your favorite text editor
- Remembers AutoScroll settings
- Automatic loading of more results when scrolling
- Only fullscreen in landscape mode

- Save and load tabs to/from SD card
- Added ‘White on black’ setting added for tab viewing
- Improved favorites management: delete individual items
- Chords dictionary updated to support (very) small screens
- Added ‘Find other songs by band’ and ‘Find other versions of song’

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