Buy GuitarTapp with discount

If you are using the free trial version of GuitarTapp, you can now buy the full version with a discount! Besides distribution through the Nokia Ovi store, GuitarTapp is also available through a payment with PayPal. Because PayPal’s tranaction fees are (way) lower than Ovi’s, we are able to offer GuitarTapp for €2.49 (17% discount)

You can read more about this offer by clicking the ‘Buy with discount..’ option in GuitarTapp’s main menu. If you currently don’t have this menu item, it will be added automatically once you perform a band or song search.

Power Tab support in GuitarTapp

As you might have noticed, we’ve updated our back-end to support Power Tabs last week. GuitarTapp is the first and only mobile app that supports this! The Power Tabs are converted to plain tabs on our server, and then displayed on your mobile. All you have to do to open a power tab, is selecting one from a song’s Versions screen: if there are power tabs available for that particular song, an additional  ‘power tab’  section will appear!

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