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Power Tab support in GuitarTapp

As you might have noticed, we’ve updated our back-end to support Power Tabs last week. GuitarTapp is the first and only mobile app that supports this! The Power Tabs are converted to plain tabs on our server, and then displayed on your mobile. All you have to do to open a power tab, is selecting one from a song’s Versions screen: if there are power tabs available for that particular song, an additional¬† ‘power tab’¬† section will appear!

GuitarTapp 1.3 available

About a week ago, we’ve released GuitarTapp version 1.3. Since we haven’t blogged about any version since 1.0, here’s what’s new..

New since version 1.0:

  • IntelliWrap: Intelligently detects and wraps tabs and chord-guided -lyrics to fit on your screen. This really is a major improvement, as it eliminates the need to scroll tabs horizontally!
  • Chords colorizing: detects chords in the tab and displays them in blue.
  • Transposing: Instantly change the key of the song by transposing a number of steps (frets) up or down. Extremely useful if a tab uses a CAPO, and you don’t have one nearby..
  • Adjustable font-size: You can now define what size the font the tab viewer should use, this is especially handy on some phones with smaller screen resolutions.
  • Improved Favorites (including local saving)
  • Improved History
  • Help
  • Improved support for small screens (different layouts used on some screens)
  • Lots of bugfixes!

If you are still working with an older version of GuitarTapp (you can check this by going to Options > About), you can update the software automatically by going to Options > Check for Updates. A notification will appear asking you if you wish to install the new version. By selecting Yes, you will be taken to our update website to download and install the new version.

What’s happening now?
We are currently working on functionality to display Power Tabs, and support for Guitar Pro tabs will possibly follow in the near future. Keep your eye on to stay informed!

If you have any suggestions on how to further improve GuitarTapp, please let us know.

GuitarTapp 1.0 released

GuitarTapp logo

GuitarTapp 1.0 for Nokia mobile phones is out! GuitarTapp is your number one mobile resource for guitar tabs and chords! You can easily search tab sites (like for bands and songs, select song versions, and view tabs with a fixed width font, have your tabs autoscroll to play along from the screen and save tabs to your favorites to quickly open them again. GuitarTapp will be available in the Nokia OVI store soon for all Nokia phones supporting widgets (all S60 phones, both touch- and key devices). More information about GuitarTapp will follow soon. If you have installed GuitarTapp on your mobile phone and have questions, please contact us at

A couple of screenshots (click for larger version):

GuitarTapp home (search) screenGuitarTapp search results GuitarTapp search results GuitarTapp showing a tab GuitarTapp tab autoscroll options

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