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GuitarTapp v2.6.2 published to the Android Market

We’ve rolled out v2.6.2 to the Android Market today! This version fixes the slow favorites if you’ve added more than 200 or so, enables you to search through the favorites, increases the maximum font size for the tab viewer and fixes a number of bugs. We are confident this release makes GuitarTapp the best songbook replacement available on the market, so if you use a tablet for live performances: make sure you update and let us know what you think!

GuitarTapp now available in the Amazon appstore

We’re happy to announce that GuitarTapp has been approved to the Amazon appstore and is available for purchase as of today. The app still needs to be approved for the Kindle Fire (this is a seperate QA process at Amazon), but we’re confident this approval will come within a couple of days. Update: The app is now also available for the Kindle Fire

See for more details.

GuitarTapp server temporarily unavailable – fixed

Our apologies, the GuitarTapp server is currently unavailable; if you get “error getting data” messages, this is because the server is currently not working correctly. We are working hard to get this fixed as soon as possible!

Update: Our server is working correctly again. Our web hosting company fixed their faulty server, everything’s running as expected again.

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